“I believe every woman should have a blow torch.”

Julia Child

Nice to meet you, stranger

Hey stranger. Odds are, I don't know you. Maybe I do. Actually I probably do. I guess if you're on this little website here you should maybe know a bit about me. It's me, Allison. I like playing my guitar, and cooking good food, and reading books, and laughing. I am a very big fan of creme brûlée. I absolutely hate pickles and dissecting things and I have an irrational fear of birds. I like music, and Harry Potter, clothes from Anthropologie, big cities, being with my family, and making new friends (like you).  If I could make my own perfume it would smell like Barnes and Noble. I think politics are important, I like the Washington Post, and the Williams-Sonoma Catalog. You absolutely must know that I have an entire collection of photographs of Tom Hanks on my cell phone and that I watch Pride and Prejudice weekly. I want to travel the world and tell people's stories. I have no clue how to use Illustrator, but I do it anyway.  I like to think critically about big things. Occasionally I attempt to climb mountains. I am horrible at it. I love Jesus and I love people and I don't think I'll ever be able to run fast.