Website mockup for a local nonprofit I designed for a media and religion class

Ad for The Optimist after the page hit 2,000 followers in summer 2016

Cover Mockup for a Travel Magazine concept

Austin Business Journal cover story on employment law loopholes 

Branding for a company I pitched at the Springboard Elevator Pitch competition

The Optimist special features spread I designed on the history of ACU production Sing Song. 

Interactive eBook concept for a digital travel magazine 

Front page design of The Optimist, Sept. 9, 2016

Photo and type pairing

Branding for a local bakery 

Personal brand concept

Ad for The Shinnery Review, a literary magazine I designed in 2016.

Austin Business Journal venture profile on the founder of Austin's Juice Society

ACU Study Abroad concept website I coded for a web publishing class. 

Design concepts for ACU sorority, Sigma Theta Chi

Magazine feature spread concept 

Brand experiment and concept for a farm in Fort Worth, Texas

Rebranding of The Optimist, based on 1920s vintage Optimist "O" nameplate. Original photography of ACU's campus.