“I believe every woman should have a blow torch.”

Julia Child


I told myself I'd never be a blogger, but alas I am a journalism major, so at this point, it is inevitable. 

I had a bit of free time today so I designed the little logo you see at the top of the page. I figured I might as well write something to go with it, and here we are. 

In just two short months, I'll be packing one suitcase as I head to Oxford for the spring semester with some old and new friends. I will most likely have lots of stories to tell and obviously you will want to read them. I don't have any grand adventures to share quite yet, but than come January, be sure to check back to see if I actually write anything else on this website. 

Since I don't have any crazy stories to tell about a weekend in an obscure European city (just wait those will come, I promise), I thought I'd take the liberty to explain the name of my blog. 

You may be wondering why I call this the Oxford Comma. There are several reasons, really.

First, my column in ACU's student newspaper is called that. Might as well call the blog the same thing. (Shameless plug for www.acuoptimst.com seriously go read it after this post is over)  

Second, the use of an Oxford comma is a debate that often arises between the worlds of journalism majors and English majors. The journalists argue that using the Oxford comma to separate items in a series wastes space, while the English majors argue that it prevents ambiguity when listing out items. I'm one of those people who can agree with both sides of the argument. Sometimes, commas get in the way of words, but other times the comma is vital to understanding what is being said. 

This might be a bit of a stretch but I think the same can be said for blogs. In some cases, there's not much use for them and they take up space on the internet. But other times, blogs provide a unique outlet for creativity and insight. 

I think I am about to find myself in one of those times when a blog is in order – a time where everyday happenings demand to be told and not forgotten or left behind. 

I can only hope the words, pictures, and stories that find their way online are not just a waste of space. Rather, I hope along the way I could make you chuckle, tear up, or even buy a plane ticket to some far off place just because the world deserves to be explored. 

Discard my words if you must, but I for one, think they are absolutely necessary.