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Trip to Bath and Salisbury - January 2015, music: "Worship You" by Vampire Weekend

Due to the fact that it's 2 a.m. here in blessed Oxfordshire, I'm afraid this post won't be too terribly long. But nonetheless, I am still up writing it. 

Things are going quite well here, if you were wondering.

I think we are all learning more and more what it means to "live in community". (Seriously if I had a nickel for every time I have heard that phrase since attending ACU, I would have soooooo many nickels). 

With that said, I love life in the houses here. I live in a room with two of my best friends. We talk and laugh to the point of tears every single day. They play pranks on me and someday I will return the favor. The kitchen is a favorite hang out spot on our floor and it is truly all fun and games until there is a sink full of dishes.

I would now like to pause and thank my mother for all of the valuable life skills she has instilled in me. 

Moving on. I still go to class every day, but I am proud to say I continue to carry on the Brown family legacy of our ability to sleep soundly most anywhere. I have been known to fall asleep on the front row (and you can ask others for documented photo evidence of said occurrences.) 

In between class times and readings and walking around to different shops and pubs and markets, you will find me staying up way too late trying to plan trips and mindlessly looking at airbnb properties and cheap flights for quite literally hours on end. I'm sure this has nothing to do with why I fall asleep in class. 

Speaking of trip planning, We successfully completed our first weekend away to Bath and Salisbury, as shown in video above. It was simply a great time. 

Despite a cancelled train first thing in the morning, we made it to Bath after all. The absolute most important fact of this entire trip was that we stayed at the YMCA (it's fun to stay at the... *cue village people and dancing*). Not too bad for a first hostel experience. 

We visited the Roman Baths, the Bath Abbey, and the Royal Crescent (also pronounced croissant by the idiot Americans). We ventured out to Salisbury the next day when the boys headed back to Oxford early. 

This was my favorite day. (sorry boyz) 

All thanks to Salisbury's best cab driver, John, we not only saw the incredible Salisbury Cathedral, but we took some back roads to Stonehenge and walked through some sheep field to see the famous landmark. It rocked and the boys were very mad that they missed out. I tried to tell ya to buy a train ticket to Salisbury. 

John is a good guy. 

John is a good guy. 

We learned a lot of things on this little adventure. 

  1.  Even if you are all friends, traveling in groups of 10 is just difficult. We had so much fun together but 10 Americans means 10 loud people and 10 places to take up at a restaurant and on a train and just go try it yourself and let me know how it goes. 
  2.  I will always doubt that I am on the wrong train until I get off at where I am supposed to be going. So far, on all of our train rides I will get so worried that we will end up in some town in england with no international cell phone plan and no way to ever return to Oxford. This fear is irrational and I have to trust my friends who are with me. 
  3. JUST DO ITMy dad told me before I left do always just do things when opportunities present themselves. We almost didn't go to Salisbury because of course it would've been easier to just go back home. We went with our gut and got on a train, not knowing what the day would hold. So next time you find yourself England's best deal to see Stonehenge, don't hesitate even for a minute. You just have to do it. 

I knew this would end up being longer than I intended but I believe I am done updating whoever reads this on my life as of late. 

We're headed to London on Friday for the weekend. I will continue wasting the days away on hostelworld.com as I try to decide where I'll venture next. The world awaits and so does my pillow. 

Goodnight, dear void.